Core Flex is a modern Reformer Pilates studio in the heart of Chelsea, conveniently located between the Kings road and South Kensington. We offer small group classes limited to seven people, and private Pilates training.

The studio has been thoughtfully designed to give you a sense of calm, so you can leave everything at the door and focus on yourself.

We are committed to excellent instruction with a focus on core strength and full body flexibility. Our workouts deliver a unique fusion of dynamic strength training and traditional pilates.


 Each of our small group, strength training sessions are led by experienced instructors, in a beautiful modern space. Giving you that hands on personal touch.


Your core is the support system to the spine. Our sessions use intelligently designed spring based resistance training to sculpt lean and long bodies that are strong to the core.


Spring based resistance rather than weights simultaneously builds length and strength in the muscles. We include stretches in every workout to lengthen and tone.